I run workshops in my Vermont-based studio twice a week. The workshop is open to 6 people at a time. On a Tuesday I ran beginners classes and on a Thursday I run intermediate classes. The classes last for 2 and a half hours from 6pm – 8:30pm.

It is possible to do a taster session at a discounted rate. For those who are already committed I suggest signing up for a 6 week block of classes.

The classes will cover all of the basics from how to use a kiln, the temperature needed to achieve various looks and textures and how it can be maintained. I will teach you how to use a pottery wheel, both a standard on and a kick one. In the beginner’s workshop to will be taught how to create your own pot, decorate it using stencils and paint and how to glaze it. Each stage is a lengthy process, which is why the standard lesson blocks you can book at in 6 weeks. For those taking intermediate workshops you can create a pot, jug or a jewellery box.

For those attending a taster session you will be able to have a go at moulding the pottery yourself and painting it.

Birthday, hen or stag workshops are also available on a Saturday or a Sunday for between three – six hours, depending on what you wish to do. As part of group celebrating a birthday or wedding you do not have to had any experience of making pottery before.

I recommend that any under 18-year-olds wanting to attend a workshop are accompanied by an adult because they will not be able to operate the machinery otherwise. For small children under 12-years of age, they can watch the pottery being created and can then paint pre-made pottery.

At the end of each workshop or workshop block you will have your own piece of pottery to take home with you, so not only do you gain a new skill, and have some fun, but you also acquire a new beautiful handmade possession. Anyone attending a workshop will also receive a 35% discount in the shop. Furthermore if you are doing a block of workshops for the second time you will be entitled to a 20% discount.

Taster sessions cost $15
Beginner sessions (in a 6 week block) cost $80
Intermediate sessions (in a 6 week block) cost $120

Please enquire for private or group workshop prices.