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I specialise in functional pottery that can be used round the Gainesville house or as decoration. I create pots, jugs, dishes, plates, bowls, jewellery boxes and figurines. All pottery you see on this site is made by me in my studio.

I have three kilns, banding wheels and kick wheels of varying size so I can make a range of different things to different size requirements. I glaze all of my pottery because I think it gives it a nice finish that is aesthetically pleasing and generally accentuates colours. I also glaze for practical reasons because it means that the pottery lasts much longer and can withhold significant wear and tear.

From start to finish the pottery process can take me around 2 – 3 days depending on how big the piece is that I am making.

I sell about 70% of what I make in my studio, and the other 30% tends to be by commission. My past commissions include items for the clay cafe (a painting shop), and some independent coffee shops here in Vermont and in Brooklyn and Queens, New York. Please note: I do also make to order for members of the public.

I run beginner and intermediate workshops in 6 week blocks in which you will learn how to knead the clay, mould it into your desired item using a clay wheel, to operate a kiln for firing, decorations and glazing.

By working with clay while it is still soft and wet I am able to manipulate it better and achieve a soft and sensuous appearance which I think is truly unique.

I have over 100 pottery products in my Gainesville, Fl shop in a range of patterns (Chinese Blue, Willow and Aari embroidery) and colours. However if you are after a particular pattern or colour, which I do not have, I am happy to make you something to your specifications. I look forward to welcoming you into my studio – thanks for stopping by my website! Be sure to checkout my About page and my Shows and Events page.

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